How many of you listen to the lies in your head on a daily basis? I'm talking about lies like this...I don't have time. I don't have the energy. It's too complicated. No one can help me. I'm going to feel this way forever. Sound familiar? Well, I want to tell you right now, that NONE of those thoughts are true! Your body can heal. It takes minutes each day. It's not complicated when you have the RIGHT HELP (aka me). You were created to heal, and to thrive.

Our minds and bodies are connected. And more research is coming out that confirms the mind-body connection. Researchers have found that the microbiome in our gut, affect neurotransmitters in our brains. And we have known for some time now that we have what's called neuroplasticity in our brains. Which means we can form new pathways in our brains and change the way our mind works....seriously! I am a firm believer that our lives go in the direction of our strongest thoughts. Yes. Read it again...Our lives go in the direction of our strongest thoughts. So think about it this way. If you get up every morning and think "ugh, I wish it was Friday already." Or "there is no way I'm going to have time to exercise today." What do you think will happen? You will probably have a miserable day, and let other things take control of your time, that could be used for exercise. Now, that is just one example, but the basis of it can be applied to numerous things in our lives. We are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings, and one domain affects the other.

Your body can heal. But often times I tell my patients it "takes a village". It takes you being aware of your body, the fuel you put into it, how you move your body throughout the day and night, and the thoughts that you have about all of those things. All of it matters.

I have a quick assignment for anyone reading this post. I want you to identify a limiting belief, or lie, that you have about yourself and your body. It can be anything. Examples may be something like this: "I'm always tired." "I don't have enough time." "I can't do this." "I don't have the money to eat right or exercise." "I'm never going to get off of these medications." After you have found a limiting belief or lie, I want you to identify a liberating truth, and WRITE IT DOWN. A true statement would be "I am created to thrive, and I can...fill in the, do a plank, walk, eat 5 vegetables a day, take deep breaths, HEAL.

After your write the truth down, there are 3 other steps.



3.) SAY IT.


Do these steps every morning, and you will develop new neural pathways. Believe that your body can heal, be balanced, and thrive. I believe it can, and I can't wait to here what things are happening for all of you!